MechanicS WebDesign is the talent, diversity, and dedication you need. We function as an extension of your team forming long-term relationships that allow us to know your industry and your business.

Your Business first

Your website is thoughtfully crafted with your audience and unique goals in mind.

We take care of everything

Design, the content management system, responsiveness, security. We do everything ensuring a smooth launch, a great experience, and results.

In order to build a product that is exactly what you’re looking for, we keep you involved throughout the entire process. This avoids common issues such as delivering a first proof that is nothing like what you want, or delivering a final product that doesn’t match your vision.

Discovery Phase

Is when we lay out the entire project from start to finish. We go over the project to make sure we are on the same page.


Once the site map and overall page goals are decided upon we will begin working on the user experience. This includes placement of calls to action on pages, the flow of the site and making sure it is easy to use.


We will put together a site design based on your notes and samples of sites that you like.

Front-End Development

After the design and user experience are approved we will move onto the front-end development. We use the latest W3C standards, HTML, CSS and jQuery to build a front-end that is fast, scalable and is cross-browser compatible.

 Back-End Development

We will be using PHP / MySQL to build the back-end of the website to ensure that it is scalable and secure. Everything we do is modular, which means if a year down the road you want to add a new feature it can be done easily, without having to rebuild the entire site.


Throughout the development process we will be testing the functionality and appearance on multiple browser platforms. Once the site has been fully populated and is in preparation to go live we will initiate an extensive Q&A on the complete site.


This is the exciting part! After your site has been thoroughly tested, optimized for search engines, and designed exactly how you want down to the last pixel, we go live! All of our sites have a 30 day maintenance period, meaning if you don’t love something, we’ll change it, free of charge.